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Winterize Your Home

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by how hot it has been this summer.. *cough cough*.. Well, before you know it, winter going to smack you across the face with that icy cold frost bite. It’s just about time to winterize your home and get ready for colder conditions. Read along our step by step list to know what to check off!

Steps to Take When Ready To Winterize Your Home:

  • Check Your Heating System – This includes cleaning air filters and vents, getting a furnace tune up and checking for carbon monoxide.
  • Check Your Cooling System – By cleaning and covering the condensing unit, damages are less often to occur, leaving your cooling system ready for when warmer weather rolls back around.
  • Seal Drafty Windows and Doors – You can do this with simple weatherstripping, foam tape, door snakes or some light recaulking.
  • Check On Your Roofing – You will need to keep a lookout for damaged or even missing shingles, spots that may be prone to leakage and also mold, moss or rot which would indicate you have water damage.
  • Screen Doors and Windows – Be sure to replace all of these items if they seem to be old and junky. Not only do they provide a layer of insulation but can also prevent air leakage as well.
  • Check Your Generator – Oil, fuel and clean equipment must be checked. If you experience a power outage, it would be to your advantage to have a suped up generator.
  • Chimney Inspection – In order to keep your home and family safe, get your chimney inspected. A clean chimney ensures that smoke will be drawn out of your home properly keeping everyone protected.
  • Protect Water Piping – Exposed pipes result in freezing over or even worse, bursting. Be sure to insulate exposed piping to avoid any of that down the road.

Extra tip to winterize your home:

By making your home energy efficient like installing water-saving shower heads and faucets or unplugging excess power it will drastically lower your energy bills.

It’s important to winterize your house each year to save on heating costs and prevent potential damage to your furnace, plumbing and roof.

Remember, it’s always best to start winterizing your home now rather to be in the thick of it all. It’s never too early to make sure the bones of your home are feeling sturdy enough for the cold.

Last but not least, Dexter & Company is here to help! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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