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Cyber Security

You already have enough on your plate when it comes to protecting your family and home, what happens when you feel your business is being attacked online? It is just as common as somebody stealing a package right from your front porch. Here are some examples of cyber attacks you should look out for in order to keep the security of your business protected.

Cyber Security- The John Doe

Criminals online will fake identities and request data rich information by blindsiding your employees with specialized forms. For example, cyber criminals might send out a tax form for an “upcoming meeting” with the IRS; your employee may be completely duped by this very convincing PDF and fill out to return such information, thus creating a breach to your business’ credentials.

Cyber Phishing

Cyber criminals are always a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They are notorious for sending out masked email’s with cloaked links. These links may be tempting to click on and in doing so may give them access to:

  • Banking Credentials
  • Trade Secrets
  • Personal Information

Always be mindful of what you are clicking on in your mailbox as you don’t want to be lured into any misleading trap.

A Miscreant Employee

Let’s say you have either let an employee go or have a discontented employee on staff. This may lead to the hand out of insider access or knowledge of your business.

You can limit and monitor usage of such information as to reduce the possibility of a breach. Use your best judgement as to who you let have access to and what.


Ransomware is the act of cyber criminals gaining access to your data and holding it hostage leaving your only option to pay them off, well, forever. Many companies are stuck paying a ransom in order for their data to be restored, most times through anonymous BitCoin.

Avoid this hostage situation by making sure you have good firewalls against attackers and practicing good cyber hygiene by keeping your computer clean.

Stay Alert When It Comes To Cyber Security

The internet can be just as dangerous as walking down a dark alley at night. Cyber criminals are great at what they do and know who to target. They will show no mercy when it comes to pulling one over on an individual or large company. As the internet continues to grow as the main platform for most business’ be mindful of who to trust or what you click on.

Feel free to take a look at our published blog post that elaborates more on cyber criminals targeting smaller company’s.

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